May 29, 2024

Signs a Man Is Not Ready For a Relationship

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Signs a Man Is Not Ready For a Relationship

There are many men out there who are faithful to one woman yet never commit to her. They may date only her, but never step it up to the next level. This is all fine and well for a while, but if the woman wants more, such as marriage, she may be barking up the wrong tree. The sad thing is often the woman gets in too deep. She is treated well and doesn’t see it coming. When it hits her, she is already in love.

There are flags and signs that this man isn’t ready for a relationship or won’t commit to a relationship. One sign is how deeply involved in his life are you? If you have been dating a while and he has slotted time for you every week, although you are in his life it may not be that deeply. A man can take you out every Saturday night, call you every single day, share his day with you verbally and still not be ready for a relationship. These are surface things that are easy to do.

If he on the other hand takes you to Sunday dinner at his moms, or involves you with his family, and you do day to day activities together such as grocery shop, you are more involved. The man not ready for a relationship will give you just enough to keep you around.

Another sign a man is not ready for a relationship is if something hits the fan, he isn’t really there for you. Say your mom is in the hospital. A man not ready for a relationship is not going to insist on visiting her. A man who is ready will. It may even be his idea. He cares very much about your well being. He isn’t well if you aren’t well. A man not ready will usually put himself first when it comes right down to it.

If he is not ready for a relationship, you may hear excuses why he can’t do certain things that you want to do. He may not want to go to a party your friend is having. You may hear him making excuses why he can’t just come over and watch tv with you or why he can’t stay the night. He has to get up early. A man in love will lose sleep to be with you. Eventually you stop expecting him to do these things. Sometimes the man will even make you feel something is wrong with you for wanting such things. It’s not, nothing is wrong with you. You are ready for a relationship and he is not.

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