May 18, 2024

Getting Ideas For a Great Logo Design

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You have your business ready to promote and market. But you need a nice logo...

You have your business ready to promote and market. But you need a nice logo to make you more professional. Where do you begin?’s take a look at a couple of ideas to get you started.
When the ideas for your company began to develop, you had an image in your mind. A concept of how you wanted your business to look and feel. It may have been very subtle, but it was there. But, it’s hard to actually create this image isn’t it? What colors? Do I want to look like a ‘big’ company… or a more personal – single person company? It seems overwhelming. but it isn’t really that difficult.
Go slow and look what others in your niche have done. “Stand on the shoulders of giants” as my brother once told me. Look what they’ve done, how they’ve created their brand, and don’t just copy it (not a good idea anyway!)… but BUILD upon it. Make it better.
Look through books, magazines, and watch commercials. Notice how other companies used the logo to create their image. Some have cute little animals while others have utilized an image of the product or service to reflect how they wish their company to be seen.
Go to printing company websites and look through their generic logos. What do you like about them? What do you not like about them? What if you took several and incorporated them into one image? Don’t make the decision yet. There are websites dedicated to providing generic logos, this also can be another rich source of ideas.
Drive around and look at logos on business signs. Which ones caught your attention? Why did they catch your attention? Would you have noticed them had you not been looking for it? Do they reflect the image of the company they represent? Let your mind play with these images and ideas for a while. Think about your company. Develop an image in your mind incorporating some of the ideas you have just found.
When I was deciding on my logo design, I purchased several non-copyrighted photo discs. I went through them and studied the ones that fit into the images I was looking for. I even printed out several. These I spread across my desk and I just studied them. Then I slept on it for a couple of days.
At this point, I began to doodle. Even if you are not an artist, you will be surprised how this helps to clarify what your mind is trying to form. Then just rest. Yes, rest. Let your mind drift. Now, take out the images you have selected. Do you feel the same way about them? Do they still reflect your ideals for your company?
At this point, I consulted a couple of friends who’s opinion I respected. I asked them to give me feed back.. Ask them for suggestions. Which ideas did they feel best represented the visions I had for my company’s image? Which ones did not really grab their attention?
Keep in mind that these friends represent a small cross section of the average client. This is your first glimpse of the public’s reactions. By now you should be down to just a few of the images you have selected. Now it is time to go to the graphic designer and complete the process of developing your logo. Your logo will be used as long as your company lives. Take your time and develop your image carefully.

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