May 29, 2024

Gas Station Digital Signs – Now Increase In-Store Revenue

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Gas Station Digital Signs – Now Increase In-Store Revenue

In the digital signage industry of late, there has been a huge buzz about digital signage spreading to the petrol pumps, as this is an industry that has existing customers but they have been missing out on add on sales – read on. 

When you go to fill your car up at the pumps, you can be their for 5 to 10 minutes depending on how much gas you are putting into your vehicle, with literally nothing to do, with the deployment of digital signage on to the forecourt we can all be entertained during this “waiting period” and the advertiser will have our full attention because there is nothing else to capture it! 

Some gas stations promote their in-store merchandise using this method and it has been proven to increase profitability that is measurable, this is the first revenue stream. Some smart gas station owners have realized the opportunity and have sold advertising space to local businesses, creating another revenue stream that pays for the digital signage deployment at the station as well as the maintenance. 

The digital signage system allows the screen to be split in to sectors, different in size and shape, these can be split for example; one for local weather, new, RSS feeds as well as video promotions for either in-store products or local businesses. 

Digital signage is replacing the laminated placards with forward thinking operators, however there is one consideration as these systems can be switched to allow audio or not, the court is out on this as some people enjoy the video but find the audio annoying as well as feel that it is an invasion of privacy. 

A solution may be to offer a pump user the option to press a button that mutes the audio if they do not wish to listen, but want to watch the video, this way the user has full control of what he or she hears.

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