The commission rates will be one of the fundamental issues that affect the way that the affiliate marketing program is run. If the commission rates are not managed effectively then there will be challenges for all the people that work in the industry. It will also be very difficult to create the incentives that are needed to lead to the development of the framework for the use of the third party marketers. Therefore the creation or agreement of commission rates will be fundamental to the success of the venture. The generous commission rates are guaranteed to attract many merchants but those generous terms are not always practical.
The publisher has to make money in one way or the other. If they offer the commission rates that are unrealistic then they will end up with a smaller profit margin. At the same time any effort to squeeze the merchants beyond limits will mean that they are no longer loyal to the scheme. There has to be balance in the way that things are done. If the publisher is savvy about the way that they handle the issues then it will be relatively straightforward to attract the loyal merchants that will keep the scheme going.
In terms of the general outlook for the affiliate marketing world, there has to be a concentration on the things that seem to work for the client. That means that they have to review the provision to see whether there is any way that they can resolve some of the issues that appear to be intractable. In due course there will be a movement towards the development of strategies that standardize the rewards. The individual merchants will also be looking for ways to secure advantage in a competitive market. That means that they might become very generous with the terms of the agreement.
The commission rates are normally higher for the products that have not yet been established. These are products that really need the push and the merchants will be expected to take them to the next level of recognition. Therefore the reward will be suitably high. In some ways the merchant might begin to question the rationale of the process as it has been handled but in general there will be moves to ensure that the industry can contain the commission rates to a level that is manageable by the majority of publishers. Anything else would be too dangerous.

By Arsya