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Making Money – Home Business Ideas

In the online industry, money making ideas come in the form of PDF. These PDF files are business ideas, and the business concept that that it is based on is actually selling informational products. These info products can be about anything as long as they answer someone’s question. What fascinates …

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Why Not Make Some Money Online?

Internet technology has transformed our way of life forever. It’s opened up up limitless possibilities to promote our items, services and knowledge. It’s also great to be part of the new frontier for locating ways to make money online. We reside in a world in which the economy is frequently …

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Voting – With Your Money

With each pound/dollar/euro/yen you spend you’re voting. Spending money is a political act as much as or even more so than casting your vote on election day. Every time you purchase a product or service you’re helping an individual or a corporation to stay in business. Your vote says that …