Signs That He Is Dating Someone Else

Do you get the feeling that you are sharing your man with another? He is charming and attentive but you have this feeling that something is missing from the relationship. How can you tell if the thoughts you are having have any basis? What are the signs that he is dating someone else?

i. He is missing in action at certain times of the day or week. A man who is dating someone else will have to spend time with that other person… and he will have to create that time from his other activities. Is your man totally unavailable at certain times or periods of the day or week? Find out what he is doing during that time. Ask him… but find a way to verify if what he says is the truth.

ii. He says things that make no sense to you. A man who is dating someone else that he is emotionally connected to will sometimes say things to you that make no sense… and he will scramble to save face or explain it away. He will sometimes confuse her reality with yours… and tell you things from her world.

iii. His emotional commitment leaves you unsatisfied. A man who is dating someone else has to be giving emotionally to both of you so he just cannot give all of himself to you… and you will know that intuitively.

iv. He avoids using your name especially in intimate or emotive situations. A man who is dating someone else will do his best to avoid calling you the wrong name especially in situations where he may not be in total control. You will thus be babe or honey or some other endearment… even when you think that it’s too early in the relationship for such loving names.

v. He assumes you know things that you actually don’t know. A man with two love interest will not be able to separate what you know and what she knows. He will thus assume he told you something when in actuality he told it to the other woman.

A man who is dating 2 or more women at the same time will find it difficult to separate the different lives of the women… and that will slip through in his speech and actions.

By Arsya