How to Tell If a Guy Wants to Know You Better? Here is How to Read His Hints Right Away

Do you sometimes feel that men are alien creatures put on earth to frustrate women? Do you find it difficult to tell if they are sending out signals to you or just going about their business? Do you sometimes wonder whether a guy really likes you or if he is just playing you? Here are a few signs that indicate that a guy is really into you and would like to know you close attention here…

He lets someone around you know about his interest in you – If he is asking casual questions about you or has talked about his interest in you to a mutual friend of acquaintance, he is just hoping that the word will get back to you. Trying to find out from others if you are seeing someone is also a sign that he is interested in you.

He gives you the sweeping head-to-toe looks – If he gives you “the look” and lets his eyes linger on you every time your eyes meet even from across the room, then that is a sure sign of interest. The tentative smile on his lips is an attempt to find out how you feel about him.

His conversation is a good indicator of his level of interest in you – If he grabs at every opportunity to make conversation with you and slips in questions about yourself, that is a sign that he wants to know more about you.

He appears at unexpected places and makes it a point to talk to you – He just appears out of nowhere, does not seem to have a pressing reason for being there, and every time you notice him, he comes over and talks to you.

He smiles every time he sees you – If he smiles at you every time your eyes meet, that could mean he likes you.

When you talk, he really listens and responds – When you talk, he really listens to you and seems interested in what you have to say, even if it is a just a work story. If he encourages you to talk about yourself further, then that is a good sign.

He calls within a reasonable timeframe, not weeks later – The guy calls you when he says he will. If he calls after an unreasonable amount of time, then he clearly does not place you high on his list of priorities.

By Arsya