I really hate those emails that come at the worst time in the middle of a project. They normally have some sort of marketing hype and a couple of links to websites that have dodgy virus records. I always unsubscribe when I feel that they are trying to market something. All the comments above are examples of a failed email strategy. There are ways of making money online using emails. However the blatant unsophisticated type is just a waste of space. You will be charged with spam in the blogs. Your company will lose its reputation and you will be back to square one for the best part of the process.
Spamming is an absolute failure from the perspective of gaining customer respect. When you spam a website they can put you on a blacklist that will prevent you from writing anything there again. Some of the spammers are just too obvious to even make it through the first base. You need to think imaginatively and analytically when using email to make money online. The very first issue for consideration is the type of customer that you are dealing with. It is best to target the niche markets where people tend to share interests. You might then casually suggest that they could gain further information from you through email.
It is imperative that all subscribers are willing participants. That is why you need a solid opt-in system. Some people go as far as even implementing a double opt-in system so that the customers have no basis for complaint when you start to send out the information. Even where the customers are happy for contact to start, you should not overwhelm them with junk. Send them emails that are very specific to their needs. A simple questionnaire can help you to pinpoint the things that the client likes or dislikes. This information must then be used to design an email strategy that is not likely to irritate that customer in any way.
In using the email system to make money you also should be sensitive to the needs of the clients that you are working with. For example if one of your clients indicates that she is expecting a baby then you can insert a message that will include useful information for expectant mothers. You also have to think beyond the obvious in order to effectively overcome the bottlenecks within the industry. It is one of the beauties of email marketing.

By Arsya