February 20, 2024

Autism Signs – A Quick Overview

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Autism Signs – A Quick OverviewYou will never meet a person with autism whose nature...

Autism Signs – A Quick Overview

You will never meet a person with autism whose nature is similar to another autistic individual. The manifestation of autism differs from one constitution to another character. Hence, there cannot be a definite or generalized statement or indication to identify autism. Autism is a disorder of the system and therefore somebody may display very low level of autistic behavior whereas the other person may demonstrate high level of disorder.

There is a set of troubles, which are moderately present in most of the autistic individuals like the occasional seizure problems, mental follies, digestive disorders, etc. The presence of these disorders may be due to the diverse types of autism caused by dissimilar conditions. Then, there are several autistic people without any visible illness either mental or physical. In short, the symptoms of autism vary from one individual to another individual and they are caused by dissimilar circumstances.

Autism is generally identified in children by the difference in behavior of the child during socializing or communicating with others. The drawbacks are more evident when the child engages in enduring a social contact or in communication with fellow members. The general example is a faulty and deferred speech pattern; intonations become mostly high pitched, absence of correct language or slang, absence of eye contact and vulnerability to accommodate a different perspective. It has been found that many of them can memorize an entire act of the TV show and reproduce it in the same tone, whereas several behave in a manner that they do not have a language in any way, or if there is any language, it is mostly eccentric. Some of them may be able to carry on talking, but feel difficulty in participating in conversations.

The autistic individual is prone to sensitivity in three circumstances, which are light, sound and crowd. You may find them to react negatively to these situations or in another case may be just the opposite. They have a kind of motor disability, which is evident through untidy handwriting or other physical synchronization activities. You will find autistic people becoming engaged in individualistic sports only.

The symptoms in autism are variable in nature and everyone has different symptoms. The first few months, of an autistic infant, are about normal but later they become unresponsive to the external stimulus. They may remain unmoved by the known face of parents or demonstrate resistance when reached by parents for a hug. In short, the most important feature is the impaired social responsiveness in an autistic individual.

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