June 17, 2024

15 Ways to Acknowledge Your Sales Management Team's Efforts

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You may think that you have the best sales management team around. But do they know how you feel? Finding little ways to acknowledge your employees’ performance can go a long way to decreasing turnover and increasing the success of your organization.

1. Create a bulletin board in a highly visible place, e.g., the board room where your sales team meets, the staff room or kitchen, where you can post positive customer testimonials.

2. Ask the star members of your sales management team to provide junior team members with sales training. It will show them that you appreciate their skills.

3. Did your team impress you with a new sales strategy this week? Why not recognize their efforts by organizing a “Chair Massage” day in the office. Hire a massage therapist to come on site to offer your sales management team their reward for another job well done.

4. Bring in a tin of homemade cookies. Leave them in the office kitchen with a note saying, “For my sales management team, in recognition of your work this week on such and such an account.”

5. Even simpler still, stop by the desk of someone on your sales management team who has outdone themselves. Ask to shake their hand.

6. Make a donation to a charity in the name of someone on your sales management team.

7. Ask your sales management team to give a noon-hour lecture on their sales strategy. This is a way of acknowledging the special knowledge that they bring to their work.

8. Ask your sales management team for advice on a problem that has been troubling you. You may find your answer at the same time as you show your respect to your employees.

9. Let your sales management team manage their own schedules.

10. Recognize the accomplishments of your sales management team in your company newsletter. Mention employees by name.

11. Dedicate your annual report to a deserving member of your sales management team.

12. Surprise a member of your sales management team with a round of applause from everyone in the office at a pre-determined time.

13. Don’t just acknowledge the successes of your sales management team. Also take the time to recognize efforts – even those that didn’t quite pan out. Consider handing out a “Behind the Scenes” certificate of accomplishment to someone who has been working hard, but may be feeling discouraged.

14. At the end of the year, write a personal note to each member of your sales management team, highlighting how they have contributed to the organization in the past twelve months.

15. Do you have a weekly or monthly meeting attended by everyone in your organization? Why not let different members of your sales management team take turns chairing this event. At the beginning of each meeting, you can take a moment to explain why you have chose to recognize the day’s chair in that way.

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